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How to breed the Bellowfish monster



The bellowfish monster is the latest monster to arrive in My Singing Monsters. It lives on Ethereal Island and is – like the other two-element monsters on this island – a bit hard to breed.


To breed the bellowfish monster you need to mix a reebro monster with a jeeode monster and add a bit of luck. Having your friends stopping by your island and lighting your torches gives you a better chance of breeding the bellowfish.

Happy breeding 🙂


New monster coming soon – Secrets revealed

There’s a new monster coming soon! Judging by the hint tweeted by @SingingMonsters, the monster will show up on Ethereal Island where you need to mix a mech element monster (the reebro) with a crystal element monster (the jeeode).

What the new monster is called and how it will look like is still a well guarded secret…

I don’t think they will call it “Crystal Mech” 🙂

Edit: The new monster is called Bellowfish

From twitter: