List of rare monsters

Here’s a list of the rare monsters found in My Singing Monsters. Breeding the rare monsters is only available during weekends, so remember to check out My Singing Monsters every Friday 😉

Rare furcorn

Rare furcorn
First spotted: October 10, 2014
Market price: 40 diamonds

Rare thumpies

Rare thumpies
First spotted: October 17, 2014
Market price: 65 diamonds

Rare pummel

Rare pummel
First spotted: October 24, 2014
Market price: 65 diamonds

Rare pango

First spotted: October 31, 2014
Market price: 40 diamonds

Rare fwog

First spotted: November 7, 2014
Market price: 40 diamonds

Rare pompom

First spotted: November 14, 2014
Market price: 65/625 diamonds

Rare spunge

First spotted: November 21, 2014
Market price: 40 diamonds

Rare entbrat

First spotted: November 27, 2014
Market price: 200 diamonds

126 thoughts on “List of rare monsters”

    1. I need your numbers to add you. I check flames daily. But I am getting really tired of only 3 returning the favor. I still would like to see your islands. How did you get the ghast? I can’t even make a shagabush! I have tried and tried.

      1. Hi Julie, the long reply I just wrote to you disappeared. I can quickly try to recreate it. I combined an Entbrat and a Pummel, on the Plant Island, and was able to hatch a Ghazt. Also on the Plant Island, I bred my Bowgart named ‘Sello’ and my Clamble named ‘Kane’ and was able to hatch a Shagabush. I kept some notes as my Islands developed. However on ‘Retrys’ the same results did not transpire. I kept trying and I did get a good result eventually. The time for both of them was 1 Day and 12 Hours. Some of my friends have not returned the favor of lighting my torches and liking my islands. However they have had no difficulty allowing me to light their torches and like their Islands. After 20 times, I am going to remove them from my Friend List. There are good Friends who have played very Fairly. My Friend Code is 9699417AH. Please feel free to add me to your List. I try to play everyday, and I am a considerate ‘Friend.’ Good Luck to you Julie. Take Care,

        1. hi Susan, I’m going to light your torches, but can you please tell me how to breed rares? because I never get them, for this is a rares reprise event. Please?????!!

          1. I’ve had good luck during this event breeding for the two and three element monsters and getting the rare version after a few tries. Of course it takes less tries with all torches lit.

        2. I Susan, I just read your message. I also light torches and like islands and get no reply from some. Are we suppose to drop those people? I am going to add you or invite you to my friend so we can help each other. thanks for your post Lois My code is 32346455DL

          1. If anyone is still on here need friends to light torches. I light back everyday.
            36709025FF. KINDA NEED FRIENDS FOR TRIBE!! I’m new but 21 levels in less then a week a few rare monsters.

      2. I got a sugabush breeding now using clambie and bogart on my first try, the time said:24:12:00:00 to breed so i know it’s in thier. My friend code is 39356557FB

      3. Are you still looking for more friends? I will check flames daily, but you may have to tell me how. That is what I am looking for, a “coach” and how to gain friends etc. and join a tribal island group.
        If you answer, I probably won’t get it until Mon. I generally don’t visit MSM on Sundays.
        Thanks and nice to “meet” you.

      4. Hi my friend code is 25271411gj. I’ll light your torches.
        I bred the ghazt on the plant island, use an entbrat with any other 3 element monster. Good luck.

  1. I have Rare Entbrat,Clamble,And cybop (Because they look awesome) my friend tag is 19151146DA for those who want to check my islands out.

  2. 17766359IB—I want to THANK my friends, new and old that light my torches daily! That is such a big help and savings. I could still use many more that light daily! I light daily and like islands. Some of your islands are so cool. And some are just crazy sounding! I like to just look at how different everyone can take an island and monsters on it and all be so crazy and different! I really have fun on here!


    1. HI Julie! I also light torches daily, but you get those that don’t return the favor. I have over 50 friends added, but most don’t help out. Deleted the first few today because of that. Sad… anywho my friend code is 33260523AB. Add me and I’ll help out where I can. See you on the islands, Angie

      1. Hi…I also noticed that a lot of friends on my friends list do the same and not return the lighting of torches and island likes..if I may I would like to add you as one of my friends

  3. Help! I’ve tried over 30 times to breed a Whisp and just can’t get it! And so many of your islands are so great with those little Glowbes, how do you breed them? I play every day and light torches and “like ” islands. My friend code is. 243 78445ah

    1. The ethereal island monsters are hard. I have trouble myself. The only advice I can give you is make sure all torches are lit. The glowbes have a machine that the go in to fuze and fuze together two colors. It looks like two glass bulbs made side by side!

  4. I just placed a Mammott & as Scups to breed. It will take 17+ hours. Will it be the elusive rare Mammott?
    Any idea of the combo for this rare M?

  5. Julie, having same problem here! Tried all torches lit too and still no whisp :-(. Will keep trying though! Add me if you like, I light torches as people ask in the descriptions and like islands all the time – 26446294LA

  6. I have no rare monsters yet but my friend code to see my awesome world is 25589388BK pls leave me rare combonations to make my world more awesome thx

  7. Single rares are bred by 3 element monsters both containing the element of the intended monster, typically levels between 5 and 9. Start low and if you don’t get your intended monster, feed the breeding monster that didn’t result in the failed breeding try. Torches do help round up your percentage chances to get your intended monster; the more the better.

  8. Hola folks,

    Glad to be a part of the Monster clan. Having a blast.

    Please add me as I “like and light” often
    Got a tribe that needs filling as well. Come join the fun and sing with me!


  9. How am i suppose to afford the wubbox :'( .
    Also do monsters need to be a specific level to breed Rares and etherealz ? I just cant afford them.. how am i suppose to get 1000 diamonds

  10. So far, during the 2015 Christmastime “rare reprise”, i have bread 1 rare enbrat and 3 rare oaktopuses/oaktopi. So far every attempt to breed either of these has resulted in a rare. I am at level 30. Anyone have luck with other rares, through breeding?

    1. Im a lowly level 20 and I just stumbled across a rare Wubbox and in 2 more days of hatching/incubating he will be live on my plant island. my friend code is 39104897id

      1. well so much for that! my rare Wubbox needs to be filled with rare monsters before it will be dancing araroundI put the 3 rares i had in but i need many more so it will be a while. Anyone need a nice coffee table?

  11. I have sbeen trying to get the dates this week since they are doing one aday…iI cannot get one . I have I pink furcorn (rare) and that was by accident. What am I doing wrong ?

  12. I just successfully bred a Blabbit. Also bred a rare Oaktopus last week. Can’t manage a Ghazt, though. I play daily and light torches! Add me:

    1. Hello! I need help! I’ve been very faithful about lighting my friend’s torches, but yesterday when ever I would try, It would give me a prompt that I needed an update. When I clicked to do the update, it took me to an app store looking place and the only clickable spot took me back to MSM with out an update! Anyone got any pointers?

      Also, Savannah, why do I have a sad face? Did I do something I wasn’t supposed to? I would like to fix it.

      1. Hi Aimee its Savannah and you didn’t do anything wrong ok I just thought you were mad at me………………Oh and hope to talk to you soon…………

    1. Hello. I entered your friend code, but I am unclear how it is that we can work together. Can you help me? My friend code is 25271411GJ. I play every day and am willing to light your torches, just tell me how to do it! : }

        1. Hello! Thanks for your help. I have been checking and when I visit your different worlds, I’ve been lighting torches for you. Sometimes when I touch the flame, nothing happens. Any ideas? Also, how do you get new friends?
          Thanks again,

  13. Hello! I need help! I’ve been very faithful about lighting my friend’s torches, but yesterday when ever I would try, It would give me a prompt that I needed an update. When I clicked to do the update, it took me to an app store looking place and the only clickable spot took me back to MSM with out an update! Anyone got any pointers?

    Also, Savannah, why do I have a sad face? Did I do something I wasn’t supposed to? I would like to fix it.

  14. Also Aimee I’d really like to know more about you so wanna make a deal typed thing if so just let me know……hope to talk to you soon Aimee….

      1. Hi, Did you get my message about not being able to light torches? When I try I get a prompt that I need an update. When I click on the update, I go to a screen that looks like one out of an app store. When I click on the only button that there is, I circle back to the screen that says I need an update.
        Can you help or tell me where I might be able to find help?
        And if any of my tribe are seeing this, don’t give up on me, I’m trying to get back in on the torch lighting business!
        Happy Singing Monsters!

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