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My Singing Monsters 1.3.0 – What’s new?

My Singing Monsters just got a major update (to version 1.3.0). Updates are rolling out as I write this post, and is already available on Google Play and App Store.

So what’s new in this version?

  • Enhanced breeding structure on all islands
  • Enhanced nursery on all islands
  • Wubbox on Ethereal Island
  • Maximum Mine on Plant Island
  • Rare monsters
  • Bug fixes

Enhanced breeding structure

Shortens breeding time by 25%. This is update is available for all players. The cost to upgrade your breeding structure is 25 diamonds per island.

Enhanced nursery

Shortens the time your monster has to stay at the nursery by 25%. This update is available to all players. The cost to upgrade your nursery is 25 diamonds per island.

Wubbox on Ethereal Island

Now you can buy a wubbox on Ethereal Island for 150,000 shards. As an introdutionary offer, you can pick it up for 75,000 shards until October 14. This is the hardest wubbox to complete, as you need to box monsters like you use to on the other islands – ethereal monsters however take very, very long time to breed. Good luck!

Maximum Mine on Plant Island (Premium feature)

If you’ve ever bought a currency pack (coins, food, diamonds), you can upgrade your mini mine on Plant Island to the new “maximum mine”. This mine produces 1 diamond every 12 hours – the regular mini mine takes 24 hours to produce a diamond. Again, this is a premium feature, so it’s not available until you buy a currency pack. Buying a currency pack also removes 3rd party ads from the game!

Rare monsters

On weekends, you’ll be able to buy or breed rare special versions of the monsters. You need to check in often to know when and how to get the rare monsters.

Bug fixes

Improvements to the game.

That’s it for now. I’ll be back with more info on the rare monsters once we start seeing them in the wild. Have fun playing My Singing Monsters!

New monster coming soon – Secrets revealed

There’s a new monster coming soon! Judging by the hint tweeted by @SingingMonsters, the monster will show up on Ethereal Island where you need to mix a mech element monster (the reebro) with a crystal element monster (the jeeode).

What the new monster is called and how it will look like is still a well guarded secret…

I don’t think they will call it “Crystal Mech” 🙂

Edit: The new monster is called Bellowfish

From twitter:

How to breed the Kazilleon Monster


A new element, poison, was recently introduced in My Singing Monsters and along with that, 2 new monsters: the Humbug and the Kazilleon. The kazilleon is only available on Ethereal Island, and is quite hard to breed.

First you need to breed a humbug monster on Earth Island, feed it to level 15 and then teleport it to Ethereal Island. Once that’s done, make the humbug breedable by feeding it to level 4 (teleported monsters reset to level 1 once teleported).

Next, you need another ethereal monster, the grumpyre. The grumpyre is available on Cold Island and you need to feed and teleport it like you did with the humbug monster.

Once you’re done breeding, feeding and teleporting the humbug and grumpyre it’s time to breed the kazilleon. The only possible combination is:

Breeding the kazilleon requires quite a bit of luck, so don’t panic if you end up with a humbug or grumpyre after breeding – simply hit the retry button and cross your fingers. Remember to place torches for your friends to light to improve your chance of breeding the kazilleon.

Happy breeding!