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Join the MSM Fan Network

If you’re looking for new friends for My Singing Monsters, you should join the MSM Fan Network. A lot of people all over the World play My Singing Monsters, so join the fun, make new friends and invite other MSM fans to your tribe.

It’s pretty straight forward to get started. Register as a member, check out the other fans and make new friends.

I’m not trying to build the next Facebook, but you can upload your own avatar, change cover image and tell a bit about yourself. I’ll continue to add new great features in the future, so sign up now and have fun playing My Singing Monsters as a pro 🙂

Join the MSM Fan Network now! Click her to get started!


Wublin Island is here!

This is one of the fastest updates I’ve ever seen from the guys and gals at Big Blue Bubble. 

Two days ago, the Wublin Island update was announced, and today it’s available on App Store (don’t know about Android yet)! 

I’ll post info on how to get the monsters shortly. Enjoy My Singing Monsters!


Anniversary Month: Special Seasonal Offer

It’s September, which means anniversary month in My Singing Monsters. This weekend, the special offer is the re-release of ALL seasonal monsters; Punkleton, Yool, Hoola, Schmoochle and Blabbit

In short this means, that you can buy or breed any of the previously released seasonal monsters on their “natural” islands.

The monsters re-released now are as follows:

Plant Island:

Punkleton (225 diamonds)

Cold Island:

Yool (225 diamonds)

Air Island:

Hoola (225 diamonds)

Schmoochle (225 diamonds)

Water Island:

Blabbit (225 diamonds)

Earth Island:

Hoola (225 diamonds)

Gold Island:
You can’t breed or buy seasonal monsters on Gold Island. However, if you level your monsters up to level 15, they can be placed on Gold Island.

Ethereal Island:
You can’t breed or buy seasonal monsters on Ethereal Island.

Shugabush Island:
You can’t breed or buy seasonal monsters on Shugabush Island.

Tribal Island:
You can’t breed or buy seasonal monsters on Tribal Island.

Dawn of Fire

Get ready for a new My Singing Monsters game!

The guys at Big Blue Bubble have been working hard on another game to add the My Singing Monsters family of games called Dawn of Fire.

This time it looks like we’re going to see a brand new 3D world with all our beloved monsters! Looking at the video, it seems we’re starting out with baby monsters we need to teach new tricks to level them up to their full potential.

I’m really, really looking forward to the release of Dawn of Fire.

And yes, I will be making a guide to the game as soon as it’s released! (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10)

If you haven’t already, check out the teaser/preview video below. You’ll love it!