Rare pompom now available

It’s time for the 6th rare monster to arrive in My Singing Monsters. This weekend it’s the pompom that’s available to buy or breed. The breeding combination for the rare pompom is the same as the regular pompom.

The rare pompom lives on Air Island, Earth Island and Shugabush Island.

Have fun breeding.


Rare fwog available this weekend

It’s weekend and time for a new rare monster to arrive. This weekend, the rare FWOG is available to breed or buy.


The combination for breeding the rare fwog is similar to the regular fwog, so try mixing a toe jammer with a noggin… If you don’t want to breed it, you can buy it for 40 diamonds.


The rare fwog lives on the same islands as the regular fwog: Plant Island, Air Island and Water Island.

Happy breeding! ;-)


Rare pango joins My Singing Monsters

This weekend it’s time for the Pango to get a rare cousin. The rare pango can now be breed or bought on Cold Island, Air Island or Earth Island. Hurry up – buy or breed before it’s too late! Rare monsters are only available for a very limited time.
The breeding comnbination for the rare pango is the same as the regular. Try mixing a tweedle with a mammott ;-)


Next rare monster revealed?

MSM Monsters Hunters

This weekend saw the first rare monster released, the rare furcorn.

I’ve had monster hunters sent to all islands in My Singing Monsters looking for new rare monsters, and they actually found something!

The monster hunters tell me the next rare monsters are – tadaaa – RARE THUMPIES!

The hunters didn’t take a picture of the rare thumpies, but tell me:

One is green and furry, and the other one looks like a giant rubber band ball! The also have different colored bouncing pads – yellow and purple.

Rare thumpies will probably be available to buy and breed from October 17 and only for 96 hours as with the rare furcorn. Breeding combination will be the same as with the regular thumpies, but breeding time will probably be ~10 hours for standard breeding structures.

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MSM Monsters Hunters


First rare monster spotted!

First rare monster spotted: The rare furcorn! Start breeding now – you’ve got 96 hrs! ;-) Breeding the rare furcorn is done the same way as the regular furcorn. Breeding time is +10 hrs for the rare furcorn using a regular breeding structure.


My Singing Monsters 1.3.0 – What’s new?

My Singing Monsters just got a major update (to version 1.3.0). Updates are rolling out as I write this post, and is already available on Google Play and App Store.

So what’s new in this version?

  • Enhanced breeding structure on all islands
  • Enhanced nursery on all islands
  • Wubbox on Ethereal Island
  • Maximum Mine on Plant Island
  • Rare monsters
  • Bug fixes

Enhanced breeding structure

Shortens breeding time by 25%. This is update is available for all players. The cost to upgrade your breeding structure is 25 diamonds per island.

Enhanced nursery

Shortens the time your monster has to stay at the nursery by 25%. This update is available to all players. The cost to upgrade your nursery is 25 diamonds per island.

Wubbox on Ethereal Island

Now you can buy a wubbox on Ethereal Island for 150,000 shards. As an introdutionary offer, you can pick it up for 75,000 shards until October 14. This is the hardest wubbox to complete, as you need to box monsters like you use to on the other islands – ethereal monsters however take very, very long time to breed. Good luck!

Maximum Mine on Plant Island (Premium feature)

If you’ve ever bought a currency pack (coins, food, diamonds), you can upgrade your mini mine on Plant Island to the new “maximum mine”. This mine produces 1 diamond every 12 hours – the regular mini mine takes 24 hours to produce a diamond. Again, this is a premium feature, so it’s not available until you buy a currency pack. Buying a currency pack also removes 3rd party ads from the game!

Rare monsters

On weekends, you’ll be able to buy or breed rare special versions of the monsters. You need to check in often to know when and how to get the rare monsters.

Bug fixes

Improvements to the game.

That’s it for now. I’ll be back with more info on the rare monsters once we start seeing them in the wild. Have fun playing My Singing Monsters!


500 free diamonds for My Singing Monsters?

500 diamonds sounds too good to be true – and it is. No, you CAN NOT get 500 diamonds for adding “special” friends! I’ve had a lot of people posting these hoax messages on this blog, and would like to warn you up front.

The last messages on this blog all came from the same IP-address ( and they look like a conversation between three users:

Oh my goodness!!!! I’m so excited I can’t believe this ok you don’t even know what I’m talking about do you?
Well, you want the big news here!
My friend put in my code for the referal code and she and I got 500 diamonds!!!!! I’m telling you this so you can get free diamonds!!!
( mostly cause I want the diamonds lol)

No Claudia you get it if you put Sarah’s code in referal. Not just add her as your friend.

Hey guys you get 500 diamonds if you add her!! I’ll put her friend code in again-

The messages above are all scam messages, trying to get you to add the friend code in the last message. Don’t do it, as you won’t get the 500 diamonds as promised.

Add referrals the regular way -that will give you 5 diamonds per referral – don’t believe the 500 diamonds scam ;-)

Anniversary month celebration

It’s September…

Hello all!

A nice tweet from @SingingMonsters:

It’s September, #MySingingMonsters fans! You all know what that means…

We’re celebrating the anniversary of My Singing Monsters, so get ready for a lot of cool events!