Anniversary month celebration

It’s September…

Hello all!

A nice tweet from @SingingMonsters:

It’s September, #MySingingMonsters fans! You all know what that means…

We’re celebrating the anniversary of My Singing Monsters, so get ready for a lot of cool events!

The Hoola is back (2014)

The hoola monster is back for the summer (2014)

As you probably know, the hoola monster is back in My Singing Monsters.

The hoola is a seasonal special monster, which is only available for breeding for a short period of time. This season, the hoola is availabe to breed and buy  until August 13th at noon EDT.


The hoola can be bred on two islands; Air Island and Earth Island. To breed the hoola, you need to mix a Pango with a Pompom, and add a bit of luck (and torches) ;-)


If you want to buy the hoola, it will set you back 150 diamonds per monster (no incubation is needed if you buy it).

Have fun playing My Singing Monster – I do ;-)



Back in the game!

I’m finally able to play #MSM again! I’ve had massive problems playing on my #Samsung #Galaxy #S4, and I’ve tried playing using #Bluestacks on #Win8. I still can’t play on my #SGS4 and Bluestacks is slow like ****, but I just got a brand new #iPhone5s. This phone rocks when it comes to playing games!

Thank you all very much for visiting my islands during these “hard times”. I haven’t been able to light torches back, but I’m on the job now.

Also a great thank you to all my friends adding my code as refferal code – you really rock! Thank you!

Love to all – enjoy the weekend!


Loading screen fail

Fails – but no support

If you have been reading this blog or my tweets, you already know I have massive problems logging in to #MySingingMonsters. The problems started when Big Blue Bubble made the the “friends” update to #MySingingMonsters. Since the update, I haven’t been able to log in, as loading 2000+ friends is too much data to handle for my Samsung Galaxy S4.

I’ve tried contacting BBBsupport, but the answers received are just simple copy-paste answers from their FAQ.

My (latest) mail to BBB Support:

Hello my dear friends at BBB!

I have a sad, sad issue with MSM. Since the “Friend update” of MSM, I’m having serious problems logging in. Facebook login etc. works fine, but I’m always stuck om “downloading game data”.

Sometimes I manage to log in by going to home screen, switching to the app, going to home screen, switching to the app, many, many times, but when the game loads, I can’t collect items, can’t switch islands, but can see my friend list and go to the market.

I have a very bad feeling that the issue is caused by the number of friends I have. Last time I checked, I had +1800 friends (373 pages in the friend menu) – and if the game loads Facebook data (avatars) on each of those friends every time the game loads, I think this could be causing the loading issue.

I have tried various ways to fix the issue:
– switching networks (wifi/4g)
– force quit and restart
– clear data + cache
– uninstalling/installing the game
None of the above seems to fix the issue.

I’m running MSM version 1.2.7 installed from Google Play (latest install on April 30) on a Samsung Galaxy S4 running Android 4.4.2 (not rooted, not operator blocked). (WiFi speed ~15 mbit/s, 4G speed ~90 mbit/s)

I really hope there is a way to fix this – I LOVE MSM and would hate to see it go.

Stupid question: Would it be possible to get an “old” .apk from you (prior to the Friend update) to check if that fixes the issue?

Removing the avatars from Facebook could be another great idea – or making it optional for people to turn on/off ;-)

I’m really looking forward to hearing from you – and also to be able to play MSM again.

The answer received was just a copy-paste from their FAQ. The supporter didn’t even care to read my e-mail:

Good day,

I am sorry to hear that! It’s possible that your device might be holding onto some bad data. Would you mind deleting and reinstalling the app on your device and seeing if that helps? Do not worry about losing your progress – your account information is stored on our servers and not remotely on your device. When you reopen the app, you will be automatically logged in via the anonymous method. If this is not your existing login method, simply tap Log Out from the Options Menu, tap Change User, and then log in via the method and ID of your existing account.


M**** (Edit: name removed by me)
Support, Big Blue Bubble Inc.

My reply to that mail:

Hi M****,

It seems like you didn’t read the entire message I sent you :-)

I have already performed the “clear cache, delete data, uninstall, install”-trick earlier today. I’m one of those “fools” that actually go through the FAQ section before contacting support ;-) I’ve just done it all over again – and the problem is still here.

Could you please comment on the rest of the stuff I wrote you? :-)

Thank you for your quick reply to my first message!


PS. I launched the MSM app before I started writing this email – and it’s still stuck at “downloading game data” :-( (Edit: that was +20 minutes! – game never loaded)

Since that, I haven’t heard anything from Big Blue Bubble… :-(

Fake @MSMfan users #2/2

Fake @MSMfan users

It looks like I’ve become quite popular on #MySingingMonsters. 5 of my “friends” on #MySingingMonsters have borrowed my username: @MSMfan. If you’re looking for the “real” @MSMfan (me), use MY friend code 4658462EC (I’m the @MSMfan at level 30).Fake @MSMfan users #1/2 Fake @MSMfan users #2/2

Want to chat/connect? Hook up with me on twitter ( or Facebook (

Enjoy playing #MySingingMonsters, See you on the islands ;-)

New bellowfish monster

How to breed the Bellowfish monster



The bellowfish monster is the latest monster to arrive in My Singing Monsters. It lives on Ethereal Island and is – like the other two-element monsters on this island – a bit hard to breed.


To breed the bellowfish monster you need to mix a reebro monster with a jeeode monster and add a bit of luck. Having your friends stopping by your island and lighting your torches gives you a better chance of breeding the bellowfish.

Happy breeding :-)



New monster coming soon – Secrets revealed

There’s a new monster coming soon! Judging by the hint tweeted by @SingingMonsters, the monster will show up on Ethereal Island where you need to mix a mech element monster (the reebro) with a crystal element monster (the jeeode).

What the new monster is called and how it will look like is still a well guarded secret…

I don’t think they will call it “Crystal Mech” :-)

Edit: The new monster is called Bellowfish

From twitter: