Hacking My Singing Monsters

Let me make one thing absolutely clear: USING HACK TOOLS CAN GET YOU BANNED FROM MY SINGING MONSTERS FOR LIFE! (And mess up your phone, your tablet, your computer and basically all of your digital life…)

I’ve seen a lot of “tools” being released lately – all claiming to be able to “hack” your game and give you unlimited coins, diamonds and food. That sounds very tempting if you’re stuck somewhere, but the tools do not work!

Your account information (game progress, currency, etc.) is stored on the servers managed by Big Blue Bubble (you’ve seen the loading screen, right?) and messing with that data is very bad idea. BBB can and will detect any fraud and will ban you for doing so.

Being banned is not the worst thing that will happen using My Singing Monsters hacks; Most hack tools require you to download a small piece of software that will connect your iPhone or Android device to your computer via USB. Doing so is extremely stupid and dangerous! By connecting your device to a hack tool, you grant the hack tool access to your apps, contacts, photos, browsing history, e-mail, and whatever good stuff you have on your device. Sounds good? In addition to stealing your (very) private data, the tools often install hidden software so the hack programmers can use your computer for attacking other websites, laundering money, sending out spam and other really nice things – and YOU will be held accountable.

I won’t link to any of the sites providing the scam tools, but google “my singing monsters hack” and you’ll find a lot of scammers offering “100% safe, working, proven hack tools”. They are not. Do not install any of those tools or use any online hack tool. You WILL be sorry.

Here are screenshots from some of the tools you SHOULD NOT USE:

Well, enough already – enjoy PLAYING My Singing Monsters 😉

Schmoochle back for Valentine’s Day 2015

Yet again, the schmoochle monster is available in My Singing Monsters. The schmoochle monster is a a seasonal monster only available for breeding during a limited time.

The 2015 teaser for the schmoochle was posted on twitter on January 27 2015 and looked like this:

On January 28, the return of the schmoochle monster was made official on twitter:

If you want to breed the schmoochle monster, head over to Air Island and try mixing your riff and tweedle monsters. It might take a few tries, but this is the right breeding combo, so keep on trying if you don’t get right away.

During schmoochle breeding, Air Island has been redecorated as “Valentine’s Island” with a lot of hearts and balloons all over the place. It looks really nice!

Finally, enjoy a few screenshots af my schmoochle monsters on Air Island:
2015-01-29 11.16.54

2015-01-29 11.16.22

Happy breeding!

As always, post your comments below and enjoy playing My Singing Monsters!

Back in the game – again!

Hello all!

I’ve had a lot of problems logging into My Singing Monsters for a long time. Whenever I started the game, I had about 5 seconds to do my breeding, coin collecting, torch lighting etc, before the game would crash and I’d have to restart to get another 5 seconds of MSM fun.

Thanks to the EXCELLENT support by Big Blue Bubble (the makers of My Singing Monsters), we managed to narrow in on the problem causing my game to crash over and over again; I had too many friends!

As you probably know, I have one of the World’s most active MSM blogs, where people come to find new friends for My Singing Monsters. Over the past months, more than 11,000 people added me as a friend in My Singing Monsters – that’s equivalent to the population of my home city of Hobro, Denmark. Unfortunately, having so many friends will cause the game to crash over and over again. I’ve tried playing on a Samsung Galaxy S4, iPhone 5S, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, Lenovo Tab 10.1, BlueStacks and Genymotion on Windows 8, but no – the game crashes every time you try to launch it after you pass the magic 10K friends mark.

I’ve had to say goodbye to most of you – and I’m terribly sorry, but clearing my friend list lets me play the game again and lets me keep on posting tips and tricks for all of you monster loving players all over the world.

Big thanks to “Bowgart” at BigBlueBubble support for your help!

Rare congle

Sorry for backposting. It’s that time of the year, so I’m sorry I’ve been slacking a bit on updating this blog. This weekend saw the rare congle introduced to My Singing Monsters.
As with all the other monsters, the rare congle can be breed using the same breeding combination as the regular congle.
I hope you managed to get it – I got one – so my collection of rares is still complete.
The rare congle was available for 60 diamonds in the market.

Merry Christmas to all.

Rare shrubb available this weekend

Hello all. Sorry for the very late update. It’s December and also the time to sit back, relax and enjoy the upcoming Christmas (actually, I’m quite busy, that’s why this update is very, very late. Sorry)

This weekend we’re seeing the rare shrubb join the collection of rares in My Singing Monsters. As always – breeding is done the same way as with the regular version of the shrubb monster. If you’re still trying to get the rare shrubb, try mixing a potbelly with a noggin – that’s the combination you’re looking for.

The rare shrubb is available on these islands:

If you want to buy the shrubb from the market, the price is 40 diamonds.

Once again, sorry for the late update.


Rare cybop joins MSM

The torrent of rare monsters is unstoppable! This weekend we’re welcoming the rare cybop monster to My Singing Monsters. As always, breeding the rare version of any monster is done exactly the same way as with the regular monsters. In this case, you should try mixing a tweedle and a noggin. Buying the rare cybop monster from the market is just 40 diamonds, so if you’re low on luck and packed with diamonds, this is the way to get it.

The rare cybop is available on:

…and can be put on Gold Island like all other monsters.

Happy breeding!

Welcome back Yool monster!


This is how the yool egg looks like

It’s December, and yet again, the Yool seasonal monster is available to breed or buy. The breeding combination is the same as last year; deedge and thumpies – and only on Cold Island. The Yool is available until January 5, 2015, so you have plenty of time to get it. Have fun breeding!

Buying the Yool from the market is ‘just’ 150 diamonds.

Did you know…
The name of the monster, Yool, is how you pronounce ‘Christmas‘ in Danish, Norwegian and Swedish (We spell it ‘Jul‘)

Rare entbrat available Thanksgiving 2014

The latest rare monster is available during Thanksgiving weekend 2014. This time the rare monster is the entbrat. The rare entbrat is available to buy or breed on Plant Island. Breeding the rare entbrat is done the same way as with the regular entbrat – mix monsters to get all four elements. If you need breeding combinations, take a look at my breeding page for the entbrat or read on.
Buying the rare entbrat on Plant Island is “just” 200 diamonds (so get breeding now).

If you want to breed the rare entbrat, try these combinations:

  • Shrubb and maw
  • Oaktopus and drumpler
  • Furcorn and fwog
  • Clamble and toe jammer
  • Bowgart and noggin
  • T-Rox and potbelly
  • Pummel and mammott


My Plant Island after getting a couple of rare entbrats: