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Looking for friends for My Singing Monsters? This is my list of My Singing Monsters friend codes. If you want to add your friend code, leave a comment below, and I’ll add it as soon as possible. If you post your My Singing Monsters friend code on twitter, remember to include the hashtag #MSMfriend. I’m also on Facebook as MSMfan.

Remember to pick up your 5 free diamonds

Friend codes for My Singing Monsters:

  • 4658462EC
  • 6611032EE
  • 6091620IM
  • 4640486GC
  • 6801230JI
  • 5182911JD
  • 6790145HN
  • 6279533KL
  • 3560763KF
  • 6439258NA
  • 3278896JG
  • 3234825ED
  • 7292036MM
  • 4806642HE
  • 9065722HE
  • 9245594DR
  • 1344838IG
  • 8646976GI
  • 9549661FB
  • 9267489CH
  • 8912565NJ
  • 9318885JB
  • 9615034DI
  • 9794801DB
  • 9747617BN
  • 5112433DJ
  • 6232312II
  • 6443559EF
  • 10075877MH
  • 9815014IK
  • 10670841KD
  • 91422303LH
  • 9629634JA
  • 10232332HG
  • 10997538KK
  • 10967662AK
  • 10892807AB
  • 9056381DN
  • 6507645NJ
  • 6426813GL
  • 7203533ML
  • 11162861BF
  • 11033836MI
  • 10997538KK
  • 8079642EC
  • 10997538KK
  • 10648854KK
  • 11477040IE
  • 11146190GK
  • 10635101ML
  • 11185984LG
  • 10905701JB
  • 11047322KK
  • 7949658DM
  • 9784307DL
  • 10847547MJ
  • 9704739KB
  • 11214944BK

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333 thoughts on “Friend Codes”

    1. 104598EC
      Please add me. Could you please tell me why I don’ t a submit referral button under the options?

    2. Hi everyone! My friend code is 11845764EA. Add me and I will light torches every time I am able. Love this game! :)

    3. Hi , I need friends – I light torches several times a day . And need friends that do as well .. Today’s date is June 12, 2014
      My BBB ID is 9990876GA
      Also known as friend code -
      Annointedart5 is my display name .

      Love the game , Thanks Everyone :)

    4. Add me please….anyone. if you need a torch lit, you’ve found the right lighter. I am currently trying to breed a ghazt. My problem: i have 0/10 torches lit. If u light a torch of mine, i will light one of yours. BTW i don’t have that many rare monsters or anything.


    5. Hi…I’m new to the game and check in several times a day! Light lots of torches..please add me so I can light you back! 11061470LA thank you much

    1. Hi Josaiah B.
      Thank you very much. Your code is on the list in minutes. Remember to follow @msmfan on twitter for up to date info, tips and tricks.

  1. Hi Everyone, I am a retired (disabled) grandmother who has all the time in the world since sitting is my only activity. I just discovered MSM’s last week and am totally hooked. I have plenty of time to light as many torches as is possible in a single day since I play from the time I get up (appx 7 a.m.) until I go to bed (appx 10:30 p.m.).

    I just learned about the friends code. Please add me and if you provide yours, I will add you (unless if by your adding me, all is done and I don’t have to also add you in order to light your torches). I have plenty of time to light torches while I wait for my next round of collecting coins.

    Here is mine. 9318885JB

    1. Thank you very much for adding your code and lighting torches! If you know other people playing My Singing Monsters, tell them to go here and add their codes :-)

  2. 5112433DJ – have lots of friends, but always light one more torch each day than I have out on my own islands…. Please add me.

  3. I play this game daily! As long as you light my torches I will do the same for you! Friend Code is: 7203533ML (Gamertag: Thatdude42028)

    1. Hi Cellogirl11 just wanted to thank u for lighting my torches – I am so thankful and I always light yours when they aren’t all already light –
      I need friends that light torches I put my code in display name if you would share it , I would be grateful . Just started playing a couple months ago – hope we will get a big update soon – another island ??? Lol
      My BBB ID 9990876GA
      Wish I knew how to load a picture .
      Don’t see that option on mine .
      If you could help, just let me know on your display when u light my torch . Email ??
      And I will get it to u :)
      Thanks again , you are so nice !!!

  4. Cellogirl11 I added you!Hey anyone who sees this could you please friend me and light my torches? i go through my friends daily and light torches and rate site! Thank you so much!


  5. Newly addicted to this game! Please add me – 10648854KK. I play daily and will do what I can to help! Thanks :-)

  6. Newly addicted to this game! Please add me – 10648854KK. I play daily and will do what I can to help! Thanks :-)

    1. Please add me and I will light your torches and I will light yours. Thanks!

      By the way, I haven’t added everyone yet on the list but I added some of you.

  7. I play daily & will light torches! I will also like your island! My code is10648854KK. Please like my islands :)

  8. Hi! I light torches on the daily I have 56 friends and need more! Only looking for people who light torches because I light everyone’s torches every day! Please light my torches everyone who adds me!

    My code is 12374002EC

  9. Hi! Like everyone, I’m looking for friends who light torches. I check for torches that need to be lit at least three or four times a day.

    My Friend Code is: 12118727in


  10. 9170874MK EVERY day I resist spending real money. Lol I need those torches lit. Look forward to visiting all your islands!

  11. Please request me for my singing monsters my friend code is 9277537BF please do the diamond referral please

  12. The best addition to the game in a while is the ability to see who is reciprocating the lighting of torches. Thank you to everyone who returns the favor to me and to those who light mine, I am trying to keep up!! 10997538KK

  13. 9170874MK EVERY day I resist spending real money. Lol I need those torches lit. Look forward to visiting all your islands!

  14. I had to dump half my friends. They weren’t lighting my torches after I repeatedly lit their’s. C’est la vie!

  15. 9170874MK EVERY day I resist spending real money. Lol I need those torches lit. Look forward to visiting all your islands!

  16. 9170874MK EVERY day I resist spending real money. Lol I need those torches lit. Look forward to visiting all your islands!

  17. Ooppss I input the wrong code, I guess it didn’t copy properly! I’m such an airhead! It’s 12879194MK

  18. Hi everyone! Please add me to your MSM friends list! I rate islands and light torches daily! Thanks!

    Friend Code: 11109447fd
    Username: Twist3daria

  19. Every day you get your rewards scratch off and every day you scratch three spaces and see two really awesome prizes and one crap one. You know which you are getting before you finish scratching. Does that seem right to you?


    I light if you light. I delete non-active people. Happy singing!

  20. Hello :) kinda new to the game, but I light torches everyday (it has kind of became a habit XD) msm# 8847429FF thank you!

  21. Thank you sooooo much for the codes. I am monstermadge#73 and my friend code is 10666840CI. I, too, am retired and enjoy fooling around with this monster thing. Not very good at it. There are now symbols under different monsters that I have no idea what they are. How do you get a Reebro or a Wubbox or a Grumpyre. Maybe this is as far as I can go. Please light my 2 torches on cold island and I will look for you and do the same. Bye for now.

  22. I light everyone’s torches everyday , and check several times , too see if anyone needs a light .

    Light me and I will absolutley light u right back — my Friend code is

  23. 9990786GA- i will -like -lite -your torches be sure to put them out 10 per island – great game – please like -lite mine too..
    Does anyone know if there’s a new update coming ????
    Anyone no a trick in making humbug ??
    Seem to be stuck – clamble is not doing it .
    Happy Monster lovers to All ;)

  24. Hi my code is 12752368bk I’m in desperate need of my torches being lit I’m on at least three times a day

  25. My friend code is 11325201AD, please feel free to add me. I light torches pretty regularly and rate islands.

  26. MY ALL TIME FAVORITE GAME EVER! Thank you so much @MSMFan for this website & all your amazing help! Kudos to you!!!

    12411714LA Display Name: Isolde-1807
    Looking for new friends to light torches & like islands. I light ALL friends torches several times a day & would greatly appreciate the reciprocation of lights & likes!

    1. Welcome & Thank you 2 All my new friends for the lites & likes!!! Happy 2 keep doing the same for U!! There are a few friends whose Islands have not had available torches to lite. I’ll keep trying of course. HAPPY PLAYING!!!

    1. Oops- forgot to leave my #- it is 12940376IE (that’s the letters IE). Please add me-am looking for friends who will light torches & I will light yours. Will not keep lighting if you don’t do the same.

  27. thanks for making this list please add #214179DJ #6370724IM and #6301632AE thanks again Debschell

  28. Just started playing this game after watching my kids and nephew play. Please add my code: 14022225IH. I’ve been lighting torches through my son’s account; now I will light through my own!

    1. Thank you for lighting my torches,,,so much appreciated. Been trying to light yours back, however; their is never any available to light on your islands. I’ll keep trying!!! Happy playing haute dog! :)

  29. Hi all! My display name is sweetkate8791 and my friend code is 3906011MJ

    I don’t have facebook or Twitter so I’m assuming that I won’t b able to get the 5 diamonds for adding friends? I wish there was another way to get diamonds when adding friends. But if having all torches lit increases chances of getting ethereal monsters for myself and others. ..I’m all for it. Please add me , I’m working on adding the posted codes. Thanks! Happy lighting ★

  30. Hi there! Please add me, i’m always online and i light torches every day. =) My friend code is 13653700BC. Thanks!

  31. Add me please, I light torches and like islands several times a day! Love this freaking game!!!! 8594640DG


  33. Hi everyone!! If possible please add me as your friend and make my day even more awesome!! My friend code is: 14316030JE

  34. Hi all! I’m newer to this game, but really like it. My mom sweetkate8791 has been playing awhile and got me into it. Please add me I will light torches , & am looking forward to when I can get mine. Thanks!

  35. 10452011GF I light torches regularly and extend likes to exceptional islands. Friend me and we can help each other hatch the rare monsters… have fun and good luck all!

  36. Please add me and my daughter to your friends list- we both light torches on ALL of our friends islands every day! 4444471IF for my daughter, and 4797408EA for me. Thanks! I look forward to lighting your torches soon.

  37. I have added all u guys as my friends so pleeese now in return can u add me,I may not be on avert high level or anything like that but everybody has to start somewhere u know soooo PLEEEESE go and add me my friend code is…
    thx guys

  38. I play a ton, add me – 14233578DI

    My son is also playing – he’s 14178605AH

    I’m adding folks from the last month or two here and I play multiple times daily.

  39. People of my singing monsters if you would just like my plant island and light torches on cold island I will light torches for you and like islands but only if you if do the things above. SO PLEASE DO IT FOR ME
    FRIEND ME 10175739FH

  40. People of My Singing Monsters if you would just simply like my plant island and light torches on cold island nothing else I will like all your islands and light torches for you. ONLY if you do the things above I will do these things. SO PLEASE FRIEND ME.
    Friend me 10175739FH

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