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Looking for friends for My Singing Monsters? This is my list of My Singing Monsters friend codes. If you want to add your friend code, leave a comment below, and I’ll add it as soon as possible. If you post your My Singing Monsters friend code on twitter, remember to include the hashtag #MSMfriend. I’m also on Facebook as MSMfan.

Remember to pick up your 5 free diamonds

Friend codes for My Singing Monsters:

  • 4658462EC
  • 6611032EE
  • 6091620IM
  • 4640486GC
  • 6801230JI
  • 5182911JD
  • 6790145HN
  • 6279533KL
  • 3560763KF
  • 6439258NA
  • 3278896JG
  • 3234825ED
  • 7292036MM
  • 4806642HE
  • 9065722HE
  • 9245594DR
  • 1344838IG
  • 8646976GI
  • 9549661FB
  • 9267489CH
  • 8912565NJ
  • 9318885JB
  • 9615034DI
  • 9794801DB
  • 9747617BN
  • 5112433DJ
  • 6232312II
  • 6443559EF
  • 10075877MH
  • 9815014IK
  • 10670841KD
  • 91422303LH
  • 9629634JA
  • 10232332HG
  • 10997538KK
  • 10967662AK
  • 10892807AB
  • 9056381DN
  • 6507645NJ
  • 6426813GL
  • 7203533ML
  • 11162861BF
  • 11033836MI
  • 10997538KK
  • 8079642EC
  • 10997538KK
  • 10648854KK
  • 11477040IE
  • 11146190GK
  • 10635101ML
  • 11185984LG
  • 10905701JB
  • 11047322KK
  • 7949658DM
  • 9784307DL
  • 10847547MJ
  • 9704739KB
  • 11214944BK

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103 thoughts on “Friend Codes”

    1. 104598EC
      Please add me. Could you please tell me why I don’ t a submit referral button under the options?

    1. Hi Josaiah B.
      Thank you very much. Your code is on the list in minutes. Remember to follow @msmfan on twitter for up to date info, tips and tricks.

  1. Hi Everyone, I am a retired (disabled) grandmother who has all the time in the world since sitting is my only activity. I just discovered MSM’s last week and am totally hooked. I have plenty of time to light as many torches as is possible in a single day since I play from the time I get up (appx 7 a.m.) until I go to bed (appx 10:30 p.m.).

    I just learned about the friends code. Please add me and if you provide yours, I will add you (unless if by your adding me, all is done and I don’t have to also add you in order to light your torches). I have plenty of time to light torches while I wait for my next round of collecting coins.

    Here is mine. 9318885JB

    1. Thank you very much for adding your code and lighting torches! If you know other people playing My Singing Monsters, tell them to go here and add their codes :-)

  2. 5112433DJ – have lots of friends, but always light one more torch each day than I have out on my own islands…. Please add me.

  3. I play this game daily! As long as you light my torches I will do the same for you! Friend Code is: 7203533ML (Gamertag: Thatdude42028)

  4. Cellogirl11 I added you!Hey anyone who sees this could you please friend me and light my torches? i go through my friends daily and light torches and rate site! Thank you so much!


  5. Newly addicted to this game! Please add me – 10648854KK. I play daily and will do what I can to help! Thanks :-)

  6. Newly addicted to this game! Please add me – 10648854KK. I play daily and will do what I can to help! Thanks :-)

    1. Please add me and I will light your torches and I will light yours. Thanks!

      By the way, I haven’t added everyone yet on the list but I added some of you.

  7. I play daily & will light torches! I will also like your island! My code is10648854KK. Please like my islands :)

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