Friend Codes


Looking for friends for My Singing Monsters? This is my list of My Singing Monsters friend codes. If you want to add your friend code, leave a comment below, and I’ll add it as soon as possible. If you post your My Singing Monsters friend code on twitter, remember to include the hashtag #MSMfriend. I’m also on Facebook as MSMfan.

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Friend codes for My Singing Monsters:

  • 4658462EC
  • 6611032EE
  • 6091620IM
  • 4640486GC
  • 6801230JI
  • 5182911JD
  • 6790145HN
  • 6279533KL
  • 3560763KF
  • 6439258NA
  • 3278896JG
  • 3234825ED
  • 7292036MM
  • 4806642HE
  • 9065722HE
  • 9245594DR
  • 1344838IG
  • 8646976GI
  • 9549661FB
  • 9267489CH
  • 8912565NJ
  • 9318885JB
  • 9615034DI
  • 9794801DB
  • 9747617BN
  • 5112433DJ
  • 6232312II
  • 6443559EF
  • 10075877MH
  • 9815014IK
  • 10670841KD
  • 91422303LH
  • 9629634JA
  • 10232332HG
  • 10997538KK
  • 10967662AK
  • 10892807AB
  • 9056381DN
  • 6507645NJ
  • 6426813GL
  • 7203533ML
  • 11162861BF
  • 11033836MI
  • 10997538KK
  • 8079642EC
  • 10997538KK
  • 10648854KK
  • 11477040IE
  • 11146190GK
  • 10635101ML
  • 11185984LG
  • 10905701JB
  • 11047322KK
  • 7949658DM
  • 9784307DL
  • 10847547MJ
  • 9704739KB
  • 11214944BK

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1,667 thoughts on “Friend Codes”

          1. Hi guys, our friend codes are 25236631HH 25238238KC please add me I’ll always light your torches if you light mine!

          1. I light torches SEVERAL times daily (probably because me and my son are addicted to it! That and I just like to help fellow Monster addicts!). Occasionally on weekends I light torches less due to my daughter’s softball tournaments, but I still find time to get them lit about twice a day!

            My friend code is:

            I’m also on Facebook just look up Christina Treich and send me a friend request

        1. I’m pretty new– Only level 14, one island in use, around a million coins– but I love this game, and I’m on it all the time. I believe I’d be a reliable torch re-lighter. Re-torch lighter? Light re torcher? What? Anyway, if anyone is interested in adding, my bootiful, bootiful code is 15561268GI.

          1. Once again, my friend code is 29222804EI
            PLZ friend me bc I need fifty people or more.
            Oh, yea. How do you get the Wishing Torches or whatever they are?
            Please friend me, and I will light your torches!

          2. Hi CrookedlyBent, I’m the same as you are, but less than 1,000,000 coins. I’ll give you friend code as soon as possible

          1. Hi, add me and I’ll light your torches. Please light mine too. Let’s get all the seasonal monsters together πŸ™‚ Friend code 27106299MF

        2. Hi guys, our friend codes are 25236631HH 25238238KC please add me I’ll always light your torches if you light mine!

          1. What code didn’t work? We have more than 1,000 working friend codes, so I hope you can find a couple of working ones around πŸ˜‰ What system do

          1. Did u click on the top tab?A pic of a star or Torches, A-Z, Lvl? Try another tab. My friend code: 24378445ah

          1. thank you for all the friend codes and breeding combinations you give us! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      1. Thanks for a wonderful blog! So much wonderful info for MSN. Please list my friend number. I badly need torch lighters AND likers. It is…..20896104HG. Thanks so much. I light and like daily!

      2. Join our tribal island we will be getting cousins to join and more people so far it’s just two and we get 4 diamonds a week. 11035710Ba is my friend code and out tribe is ‘Emma’

        1. Hi, add me and I’ll light your torches. Please light mine too. Let’s get all the seasonal monsters together. Also looking for tribes πŸ™‚ Friend code 27106299MF

      1. I added you but was wondering what your username was so I could do you the favor and like your islands because you promised to like mine so what is your username please tell. Mine is doughnut bagel.

    1. Add me please….anyone. if you need a torch lit, you’ve found the right lighter. I am currently trying to breed a ghazt. My problem: i have 0/10 torches lit. If u light a torch of mine, i will light one of yours. BTW i don’t have that many rare monsters or anything.


      1. For a Ghazt breed an Entbrat and a T-Rox
        Or a Entbrat with a Bogart
        Or a Enbrat with a Clamble
        Or a Entbrat with a Pummel
        I got mine first try with the Entbrat and the T-Rox good luck

    2. Hi…I’m new to the game and check in several times a day! Light lots of torches..please add me so I can light you back! 11061470LA thank you much

    3. Hey you game player if you read this note that be say that you are seeing the best island you see it will boom your mine my code is 10583183CB this you great friends and My Muppets show great stage Mario2495!!!

    4. 20338670NI
      You get one free lit torch, after that yours only get lit if you’re actively lighting mine otherwise you get removed with no reciprocation from you over a few days time.

    5. Hey everyone! I’m gonna try and add all of you here. I’m constantly checking my monsters as we all are! My current favorite is Furcorn, he’s so cute and soulful! LOL. Anyway, please add me: 20167089FN
      If you light my torches, I’ll return the favor, if you don’t, I’ll still light them anyways! Here’s to more rare monsters! Thank you! πŸ™‚

    6. Hi guys, our friend codes are 25236631HH and 25238238KC please add us we’ll always light your torches if you light ours!

    7. Mine’s 29363659GF. Add me through referral. To refer:
      1. Go to Options.
      2. Click on Submit Referral.
      3. Enter my code!! Get 5 free diamonds!!
      *tip* You can only refer someone once, then the icon goes away. So you’re not going crazy!!

    8. I just started a few weeks ago and already have a Shuga Bush. I can’t seem to breed an Entbrat though. Here’s my code…33510672NK. I’m on this game almost every hour I’m awake.I like islands and light torches.s

    9. Hi, I’m a fairly new player but me and my kids are sort of addicted. Please add us as a friend or submit a referral for free diamonds. Our code is 33430888EE. I lights torches several times a day.

    10. Hey people of the world, my friend code is 29912085GH, I light torches and am on a lot of the time, and every time I visit I like an island! Please add me!

    11. Please light my torches. I light other players torches daily and “like” other players page (EVERY SINGLE DAY and NIGHT!)! Thanks and kissing all the way from Miami, FL!

      My Friend Code is 38305293LN

      1. Since I play without buying with real money, I would love to have more torches lit in order to get more rares and ethereal monsters!
        My friend code is 38862661JN πŸ™‚

    12. Could someone add my daughter she really tries hard on this game but needs some likes to her islands!thankyou her friend. Code is 41508949MD

          1. If you’re asking me (@MSMfan) – the short answer is no. The long answer is, that I have +6,500 friends, so I can no longer login on Android nor iPhone/iPad πŸ™ Loading the game on a mobile device takes more than an hour (if successful), so I’m desperately looking for alternative ways to play MSM (using my “real” account). Sorry, but still trying πŸ™‚ Keep adding each other and have a great time playing My Singing Monsters!

    1. Ok my torches are behind the giant entrbat

      Hello I’m trying out the voice thing and so far it’s alright now I’m going to try to put a period. Period. Period. It go I should eat. It got I should not eat this thing is going crazy . Period. Period this thing is awesome know go go it keeps saying go and know and I mean no I mean you know no I mean sure go I had to type this out because the recording is going crazy

  1. Hi Everyone, I am a retired (disabled) grandmother who has all the time in the world since sitting is my only activity. I just discovered MSM’s last week and am totally hooked. I have plenty of time to light as many torches as is possible in a single day since I play from the time I get up (appx 7 a.m.) until I go to bed (appx 10:30 p.m.).

    I just learned about the friends code. Please add me and if you provide yours, I will add you (unless if by your adding me, all is done and I don’t have to also add you in order to light your torches). I have plenty of time to light torches while I wait for my next round of collecting coins.

    Here is mine. 9318885JB

    1. From one grammy to another. I am addicted to this game. I started to play with my son. He doesn’t like me getting ahead of him. Lol. I play off and on all day too. I too lit torches.

  2. Cellogirl11 I added you!Hey anyone who sees this could you please friend me and light my torches? i go through my friends daily and light torches and rate site! Thank you so much!


    1. Please add me and I will light your torches and I will light yours. Thanks!

      By the way, I haven’t added everyone yet on the list but I added some of you.

  3. Hi! I light torches on the daily I have 56 friends and need more! Only looking for people who light torches because I light everyone’s torches every day! Please light my torches everyone who adds me!

    My code is 12374002EC

  4. Hi! Like everyone, I’m looking for friends who light torches. I check for torches that need to be lit at least three or four times a day.

    My Friend Code is: 12118727in


  5. The best addition to the game in a while is the ability to see who is reciprocating the lighting of torches. Thank you to everyone who returns the favor to me and to those who light mine, I am trying to keep up!! 10997538KK

  6. Hi everyone! Please add me to your MSM friends list! I rate islands and light torches daily! Thanks!

    Friend Code: 11109447fd
    Username: Twist3daria

  7. Every day you get your rewards scratch off and every day you scratch three spaces and see two really awesome prizes and one crap one. You know which you are getting before you finish scratching. Does that seem right to you?


    I light if you light. I delete non-active people. Happy singing!

  8. Thank you sooooo much for the codes. I am monstermadge#73 and my friend code is 10666840CI. I, too, am retired and enjoy fooling around with this monster thing. Not very good at it. There are now symbols under different monsters that I have no idea what they are. How do you get a Reebro or a Wubbox or a Grumpyre. Maybe this is as far as I can go. Please light my 2 torches on cold island and I will look for you and do the same. Bye for now.

  9. MY ALL TIME FAVORITE GAME EVER! Thank you so much @MSMFan for this website & all your amazing help! Kudos to you!!!

    12411714LA Display Name: Isolde-1807
    Looking for new friends to light torches & like islands. I light ALL friends torches several times a day & would greatly appreciate the reciprocation of lights & likes!

    1. Welcome & Thank you 2 All my new friends for the lites & likes!!! Happy 2 keep doing the same for U!! There are a few friends whose Islands have not had available torches to lite. I’ll keep trying of course. HAPPY PLAYING!!!

    1. Oops- forgot to leave my #- it is 12940376IE (that’s the letters IE). Please add me-am looking for friends who will light torches & I will light yours. Will not keep lighting if you don’t do the same.

  10. Please, pretty please… Add me as your friend! I promise 2 do my daily visit, and help out as much as the game lets me! And, … Hopefully, I will get the help back!

    Here is my code… 12298124LK

  11. Just started playing this game after watching my kids and nephew play. Please add my code: 14022225IH. I’ve been lighting torches through my son’s account; now I will light through my own!

    1. Thank you for lighting my torches,,,so much appreciated. Been trying to light yours back, however; their is never any available to light on your islands. I’ll keep trying!!! Happy playing haute dog! πŸ™‚

  12. Hi all! My display name is sweetkate8791 and my friend code is 3906011MJ

    I don’t have facebook or Twitter so I’m assuming that I won’t b able to get the 5 diamonds for adding friends? I wish there was another way to get diamonds when adding friends. But if having all torches lit increases chances of getting ethereal monsters for myself and others. ..I’m all for it. Please add me , I’m working on adding the posted codes. Thanks! Happy lighting β˜…


  14. Hi all! I’m newer to this game, but really like it. My mom sweetkate8791 has been playing awhile and got me into it. Please add me I will light torches , & am looking forward to when I can get mine. Thanks!

  15. 10452011GF I light torches regularly and extend likes to exceptional islands. Friend me and we can help each other hatch the rare monsters… have fun and good luck all!

  16. Please add me and my daughter to your friends list- we both light torches on ALL of our friends islands every day! 4444471IF for my daughter, and 4797408EA for me. Thanks! I look forward to lighting your torches soon.

  17. I have added all u guys as my friends so pleeese now in return can u add me,I may not be on avert high level or anything like that but everybody has to start somewhere u know soooo PLEEEESE go and add me my friend code is…
    thx guys

  18. I play a ton, add me – 14233578DI

    My son is also playing – he’s 14178605AH

    I’m adding folks from the last month or two here and I play multiple times daily.

  19. People of my singing monsters if you would just like my plant island and light torches on cold island I will light torches for you and like islands but only if you if do the things above. SO PLEASE DO IT FOR ME
    FRIEND ME 10175739FH

  20. People of My Singing Monsters if you would just simply like my plant island and light torches on cold island nothing else I will like all your islands and light torches for you. ONLY if you do the things above I will do these things. SO PLEASE FRIEND ME.
    Friend me 10175739FH

  21. Really good game, got into it in 2 days xD and it’s addicting >n<

    But Go and add me !! and I'll Light torches, and give ya a thumbs up
    Just do the same for me please!!

  22. Could anyone add my son? He was duped by bogus referral codes and was heartbroken he wasnt showered with diamonds. :(. Here is his code: 12307221FF. Thank you!

  23. Msm you are on my friend list but aren’t lighting torches my display name is man monsters/lightplant. I understand you are probily busy but I would like it if you light torches. Thank you

  24. Hey please can u add me if i dont light u can delete me but i promice i do light heres my code 13757719MF and heres my moms code same goes for her and she does light torches heres her code 13856229HB if we dont light delete us oh and my name is Mckayla Townsend my moms name is Lizette hammock its our MSM name

  25. Hello fellow fans! I’m a Level 30 (you don’t get there without being addicted to the game) so you know I play whenever I am not required to do less exciting things. Like making money to feed myself and my dog instead of a monster.

    Every time I open the game I PAY IT FORWARD by starting with my friends first. I light torches and like islands alllll dayyyy longggg.

    Yes, I light for the ones who don’t light for me. But, if there is ever a limit to the number of friends we can have….you non-lighters will be bumped off. Because recently I have become aware that there are others like me who light ALL THE TIME. I AM LOOKING FOR YOU GUYS. Just like in life, the ones who help others are the ones who survive!

    ADD ME! TIKITIME 12129262mg

    BTW, thank you to our host! You have been added (no bumpage…promise).

    TIKITIME 12129262mg

    1. Thank you Karen!

      After doing this list, I’ve ended up with 5000+ friends. Sadly, I can no longer launch the app, as loading facebook info on all of you nice people is killing my phones.

      I can’t login on #Android, #iPhone or #BlueStacks anymore, so I’m trying to login using the Android Emulator from Google on my (bit more powerful) PC.

      Hope to see you all soon – until then: take care and be nice to each other.

  26. My friend code is 11493651LL. Please add me! I promise to always light torches. If I ever see you on the street, I’ll smile and give you a warm, friendly hug. Thanks in advance!

  27. To all my friends… having issues with my game. It won’t let me light any torches. S sorry. Hope to have answer com mms help soon. It says I need an upgrade but will not allow any to download. Anyone know what else I can do?

  28. My name is JuliaLopez and my friend code is 14089136LG.
    I need help to keep my torches on, and if you be my friend, I will keep your torches light too! Ty.

  29. Friend code 6642988KI Looking for people that will light my torches. I light torches daily and am sick of not getting mine lit. Have cleaned out the leechers from my friends list.

    1. You haven’t lighted any of mine yet. I lit yours several times. Are you playing thru Facebook? I am using iPad app.

      Thanks for this site, @MSMfan. Appreciate the info and everyone who is helping me with the game.

  30. Hi… I am a daily player on multiple times a day. I light torches daily and have been disappointed that alot of the people I added do not return the favor. I am looking for people who actually Light Torches. Please add Me! LAURA PLANT COLD PLS 12828840MM

    1. Sad to hear that… Friend codes on facebook all start with the number 5. Hope you can find some here. I’m working on a new list that sorts friend codes into mobile and facebook. Stay tuned πŸ˜‰

  31. Trust me, if you want friends just play the game on a mobile device. It isn’t made for Facebook so it doesn’t look as good either. You have to start over, but its been worth it

  32. Every time I try to visit a friend island now, I get “You must update my singing monsters to view this island.”
    So I am unable to light torches.
    Please help with this.

    1. I get the same thing on my kindle fire. I’m afraid if I update I will lose all my progress. I’m pretty sure my game has all the latest updates for kindle. I think the update prompt is because the person who lit my torch is using the PC version. Can anyone clarify this?