Rare fwog available this weekend

It’s weekend and time for a new rare monster to arrive. This weekend, the rare FWOG is available to breed or buy.


The combination for breeding the rare fwog is similar to the regular fwog, so try mixing a toe jammer with a noggin… If you don’t want to breed it, you can buy it for 40 diamonds.


The rare fwog lives on the same islands as the regular fwog: Plant Island, Air Island and Water Island.

Happy breeding! 😉

3 thoughts on “Rare fwog available this weekend”

    1. I’m level 15 and have all 10 of my torches lit, and I still haven’t gotten one.. Even though I got 2 rare Entbrats on my first 2 tries -___- It’s just a matter of luck I guess. Keep trying is all I can say lol

  1. I tried all weekend and then finally just ~ around 6 p.m. I was sucessful.
    Used toe jammer (first) and then noggin. I know it’s not suppose to make a difference but …. it worked. Also, they both at level 8.