Hacking My Singing Monsters

Let me make one thing absolutely clear: USING HACK TOOLS CAN GET YOU BANNED FROM MY SINGING MONSTERS FOR LIFE! (And mess up your phone, your tablet, your computer and basically all of your digital life…)

I’ve seen a lot of “tools” being released lately – all claiming to be able to “hack” your game and give you unlimited coins, diamonds and food. That sounds very tempting if you’re stuck somewhere, but the tools do not work!

Your account information (game progress, currency, etc.) is stored on the servers managed by Big Blue Bubble (you’ve seen the loading screen, right?) and messing with that data is very bad idea. BBB can and will detect any fraud and will ban you for doing so.

Being banned is not the worst thing that will happen using My Singing Monsters hacks; Most hack tools require you to download a small piece of software that will connect your iPhone or Android device to your computer via USB. Doing so is extremely stupid and dangerous! By connecting your device to a hack tool, you grant the hack tool access to your apps, contacts, photos, browsing history, e-mail, and whatever good stuff you have on your device. Sounds good? In addition to stealing your (very) private data, the tools often install hidden software so the hack programmers can use your computer for attacking other websites, laundering money, sending out spam and other really nice things – and YOU will be held accountable.

I won’t link to any of the sites providing the scam tools, but google “my singing monsters hack” and you’ll find a lot of scammers offering “100% safe, working, proven hack tools”. They are not. Do not install any of those tools or use any online hack tool. You WILL be sorry.

Here are screenshots from some of the tools you SHOULD NOT USE:

Well, enough already – enjoy PLAYING My Singing Monsters 😉

27 thoughts on “Hacking My Singing Monsters”

  1. Your site is the best I’ve seen for MSM. I have played for quite awhile. My Friend Code is 9699417AH. Can anyone tell me how I add my photo to my Friend Code? I hope to return soon. Thank you for a great site. Take Care.

    1. Okay, Im now friends with everybody on this list. Now add me 🙂
      …Hey, those of you who don’t have torches, put some- I’ll light them.

  2. I am new to My Singing Monster’s Guide, although have played MSM for quite awhile. This is a great site. I hope to return soon. How do you add a photo to your name? My ID number is 9699417AH.

  3. This site is cool and I added it to my home screen so I can use it whenever I need for like breeding combos and stuff but it’s good for other things also. Thanks for great site btw My island is ballin so check it out

    1. I’m sorry to hear you got hacked. My advice would be to contact Google Play or Big Bubble. If for some reason you can’t do that, then if I were you I’d suck it up and go back to square one. By the way, my friend code is 29810278LE. Hang in there, Keir!

  4. Wow. Overwhelmed by the sheer cluelessness. Hacking your personal data is (allegedly) far easier through your Bluetooth or social media than a controlled app. But cool story bro. 😉

  5. This is a great guide.
    I’m a newbie so this info is really helpful.
    Please add me to your friend list. Code – 29861555IF
    I can help by lighting wishing torches.