Wublin Island is here!

This is one of the fastest updates I’ve ever seen from the guys and gals at Big Blue Bubble. 

Two days ago, the Wublin Island update was announced, and today it’s available on App Store (don’t know about Android yet)! 

I’ll post info on how to get the monsters shortly. Enjoy My Singing Monsters!


15 thoughts on “Wublin Island is here!”

  1. Ok, so I’ve got all 5 wubblins. I’ve activated the first three, and nearly the fourth. The big one with the drums is gonna be a bitch! It takes a ton of eggs. So it seems about once a day, your activated wubblins produce a mystery gift. First it was coins and shards. Then next day it was shards and food. Then with a third activated, it was coins, shards, and 2 diamonds!! Seems random so far. So my question is, once I have the last one activated, id’s that it for wubblin island? Those five just produce mystery gifts once a day? Will there be more, or can you buy five more once all five are activated?

    1. I have all five activated and permanently biggified. I can’t buy any more monsters – as for now.

      Making a brand new island for just five new monsters seems a bit overkill to me, so I think/hope we’ll see more stuff added in the future (like special structures/decorations and more monsters).

      Happy monstering 😉

    2. I just activated the 5th one, and doesn’t seem like there’s anything else to do other than collect the random gifts. Although i did hear about a sixth one coming soon