8 thoughts on “What is your favorite Wublin monster?”

  1. So I wonder when something else is going to happen on the Wublin island??? right now there’s five monsters sitting there ,so all you can do is collect from them, such a big island for just five monsters there, that seems Really crazy!!! I hope they have something else planned for it Soon!!! It’s really a nice Island and I love it but it doesn’t do anything you can’t do anything it’s nice that we can collect stuff from them but 5 brand new monsters a brand new island that looks so cool and all you can do is go there and collect wow that seems crazy that they made a new island for only 5 monsters with nothing to do except to produce income

      1. Many thanks, so I guess that will mean you have to buy them in the for the particular monster cos it won’t work if you buy the egg and hatch it.