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Schmoochle available (2014)

The schmoochle was introduced in 2013 celebrating Valentine’s Day and is now available for breeding again. But hurry up – it’s only available for a limited time (ends noon February 15th EDT).



So how do you breed a schmoochle? Head over to Air Island and mix a tweedle and a riff. This is the right combination, but – as with other “special” monsters – you also need a bit of luck. I have a success rating of ~15% breeding special monsters, so you have to try a few times to get the schmoochle.

You can check if you have a schmoochle breeding by looking at the remaining breeding time: If it’s ~31 hours you got it!

The schmoochle takes up 2 beds on Air Island. If you want to buy the schmoochle it will set you back 225 diamonds!