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Schmoochle back for Valentine’s Day 2015

Yet again, the schmoochle monster is available in My Singing Monsters. The schmoochle monster is a a seasonal monster only available for breeding during a limited time.

The 2015 teaser for the schmoochle was posted on twitter on January 27 2015 and looked like this:

On January 28, the return of the schmoochle monster was made official on twitter:

If you want to breed the schmoochle monster, head over to Air Island and try mixing your riff and tweedle monsters. It might take a few tries, but this is the right breeding combo, so keep on trying if you don’t get right away.

During schmoochle breeding, Air Island has been redecorated as “Valentine’s Island” with a lot of hearts and balloons all over the place. It looks really nice!

Finally, enjoy a few screenshots af my schmoochle monsters on Air Island:
2015-01-29 11.16.54

2015-01-29 11.16.22

Happy breeding!

As always, post your comments below and enjoy playing My Singing Monsters!

Schmoochle available (2014)

The schmoochle was introduced in 2013 celebrating Valentine’s Day and is now available for breeding again. But hurry up – it’s only available for a limited time (ends noon February 15th EDT).



So how do you breed a schmoochle? Head over to Air Island and mix a tweedle and a riff. This is the right combination, but – as with other “special” monsters – you also need a bit of luck. I have a success rating of ~15% breeding special monsters, so you have to try a few times to get the schmoochle.

You can check if you have a schmoochle breeding by looking at the remaining breeding time: If it’s ~31 hours you got it!

The schmoochle takes up 2 beds on Air Island. If you want to buy the schmoochle it will set you back 225 diamonds!