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Wublin Island is here!

This is one of the fastest updates I’ve ever seen from the guys and gals at Big Blue Bubble. 

Two days ago, the Wublin Island update was announced, and today it’s available on App Store (don’t know about Android yet)! 

I’ll post info on how to get the monsters shortly. Enjoy My Singing Monsters!


Hello again fellow MSM players

Hello fellow MSM fans.

I’ve been offline for quite a while, but thanks to the nice people at Big Blue Bubble, I can now login to the game again.

So… A lot of things have happened since my last post. Tribal Island is here and all monsters now have rare siblings. Awesome!

I know I need to catch up on a lot of things – and will do (but I also have to take care of my family and go to work).

I’m happy to see you guys exchanging friend codes on my site – keep on doing that.

I’ll be making a “Join my Tribe” page shortly where you can post info on your tribe (minimum level reqd, etc).

Stay tuned, we’re going to have a lot of fun in MSM Land this Autumn! 😉


My Singing Monsters 1.3.0 – What’s new?

My Singing Monsters just got a major update (to version 1.3.0). Updates are rolling out as I write this post, and is already available on Google Play and App Store.

So what’s new in this version?

  • Enhanced breeding structure on all islands
  • Enhanced nursery on all islands
  • Wubbox on Ethereal Island
  • Maximum Mine on Plant Island
  • Rare monsters
  • Bug fixes

Enhanced breeding structure

Shortens breeding time by 25%. This is update is available for all players. The cost to upgrade your breeding structure is 25 diamonds per island.

Enhanced nursery

Shortens the time your monster has to stay at the nursery by 25%. This update is available to all players. The cost to upgrade your nursery is 25 diamonds per island.

Wubbox on Ethereal Island

Now you can buy a wubbox on Ethereal Island for 150,000 shards. As an introdutionary offer, you can pick it up for 75,000 shards until October 14. This is the hardest wubbox to complete, as you need to box monsters like you use to on the other islands – ethereal monsters however take very, very long time to breed. Good luck!

Maximum Mine on Plant Island (Premium feature)

If you’ve ever bought a currency pack (coins, food, diamonds), you can upgrade your mini mine on Plant Island to the new “maximum mine”. This mine produces 1 diamond every 12 hours – the regular mini mine takes 24 hours to produce a diamond. Again, this is a premium feature, so it’s not available until you buy a currency pack. Buying a currency pack also removes 3rd party ads from the game!

Rare monsters

On weekends, you’ll be able to buy or breed rare special versions of the monsters. You need to check in often to know when and how to get the rare monsters.

Bug fixes

Improvements to the game.

That’s it for now. I’ll be back with more info on the rare monsters once we start seeing them in the wild. Have fun playing My Singing Monsters!

New features in My Singing Monsters 1.2.6

My Singing Monsters is getting more social. The latest update is available for iPhone/iPad with other platforms coming soon. Here’s what’s new in the 1.2.6 update of My Singing Monsters:

Manage your social experience like never before with a brand new and revamped Friends menu! Using the valuable feedback we’ve received from our players, many new features have been implemented:

• Import your Facebook friends to update your My Singing Monsters avatar!

• Sort your Friends using new tabs – Favorites, Torch requests, Alphabetical order, and Level order.

• Mark your closest Friends as Favorites so that they appear in the Favorites tab!

• View which friends have requested Torch lighting using the Torch tab!

• Tap a Friend’s Display Name to see how many times they have lit your Wishing Torches and vice versa!

• Navigate easily between Friend pages using the arrow buttons, including moving to the beginning and end of the list!

• Other bug fixes and improvements

I think this is a cool update. I have a lot (1000+) friends in My Singing Monsters, and the favorite friends sounds like a VERY nice feature.

What new feature do you like the most? Please comment 😉