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Here’s a collection of cool island pictures from My Singing Monsters player 4181408MA. If you’re new to the game, add 4181408MA as referral code in My Singing Monsters and get 5 free diamonds.

If you want to be friends with 4181408MA, simply go to your friends screen in My Singing Monsters and add 4181408MA as friend code.

Don’t forget to visit and light torches! Enjoy the gallery 🙂

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5 free diamonds

You need diamonds

In My Singing Monsters you need diamonds from time to time. The smartest way to spend your diamonds is buying the final castle upgrade. This upgrade costs 20 diamonds – per island – so you need a lot of diamonds to fully upgrade the 7 castles (you don’t need anything for upgrading the Gold Island castle – it’s got unlimited beds).


Earning diamonds

You earn diamonds by completing tasks, mine them in a mine or win them by scratching the daily scratch card. OK, you can also buy diamonds for real money, but… No! (Completing TapJoy offers is another great way to get free diamonds, more on that later)


How to get your 5 free diamonds

You can also get 5 diamonds for FREE simply by entering another player’s friend code as referral. This way both you and the person you enter as referral will get 5 diamonds for free. This is how to get your free diamonds:

  1. Click “Options”
  2. Click “Submit referral”
  3. Enter your friend’s referral code (friend code). If you don’t have any friends playing My Singing Monsters, you can use my friend code – 4658462EC
  4. Enjoy your 5 diamonds