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How to breed the Humbug Monster


A new monster is now available on Earth Island: The Humbug.

The other 4 islands have had their own ethereal monsters (Ghazt, Grumpyre, Reebro and Jeeode) for ages, and now the time has come for Earth Island.

Breeding a humbug is done the same way as the other ethereal monsters. You have to mix a four and a three element monster to get it (and add a bit of luck). On Earth Island that means you have to try one of the following combinations:

  • smallQuarristersmallReedling Quarrister and Reedling
  •  smallQuarristersmallThumpies Quarrister and Thumpies
  • smallQuarristersmallPompom Quarrister and Pompom
  • smallQuarristersmallClamble Quarrister and Clamble

You can improve your chances of breeding a humbug by placing torches on Earth Island (and hope your friends will drop by and light them).

If you’re rich, you can also buy a humbug for just 1,000 diamonds…