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Rare shrubb available this weekend

Hello all. Sorry for the very late update. It’s December and also the time to sit back, relax and enjoy the upcoming Christmas (actually, I’m quite busy, that’s why this update is very, very late. Sorry)

This weekend we’re seeing the rare shrubb join the collection of rares in My Singing Monsters. As always – breeding is done the same way as with the regular version of the shrubb monster. If you’re still trying to get the rare shrubb, try mixing a potbelly with a noggin – that’s the combination you’re looking for.

The rare shrubb is available on these islands:

If you want to buy the shrubb from the market, the price is 40 diamonds.

Once again, sorry for the late update.


Rare cybop joins MSM

The torrent of rare monsters is unstoppable! This weekend we’re welcoming the rare cybop monster to My Singing Monsters. As always, breeding the rare version of any monster is done exactly the same way as with the regular monsters. In this case, you should try mixing a tweedle and a noggin. Buying the rare cybop monster from the market is just 40 diamonds, so if you’re low on luck and packed with diamonds, this is the way to get it.

The rare cybop is available on:

…and can be put on Gold Island like all other monsters.

Happy breeding!

Rare spunge is here!

Sorry for the late update, but you should still be able to breed the latest rare monster – the rare spunge – for a few more hours. The spunge is the 8th monster to have a rare relative. The breeding combination for the rare spunge is – as always – the same as the regular spunge. You can get the rare spunge monster at Cold Island or Water Island.


Try one of these combinations to breed the rare spunge:

You can also buy the rare spunge in the market – 65 diamonds each.

Have fun!

Rare pompom now available

It’s time for the 6th rare monster to arrive in My Singing Monsters. This weekend it’s the pompom that’s available to buy or breed. The breeding combination for the rare pompom is the same as the regular pompom.

The rare pompom lives on Air Island, Earth Island and Shugabush Island.

Have fun breeding.

Rare pango joins My Singing Monsters

This weekend it’s time for the Pango to get a rare cousin. The rare pango can now be breed or bought on Cold Island, Air Island or Earth Island. Hurry up – buy or breed before it’s too late! Rare monsters are only available for a very limited time.
The breeding comnbination for the rare pango is the same as the regular. Try mixing a tweedle with a mammott 😉

Rare pummel now available

The rare pummel is now available to buy or breed in My Singing Monsters. The rare pummel lives on Plant Island and Water Island. Breeding the rare pummel is done the same way as the regular pummel, but if you want it fast, you can buy the rare pummel in the market for 65 diamonds.
Have fun hunting the rare pummel 😉