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500 free diamonds for My Singing Monsters?

500 diamonds sounds too good to be true – and it is. No, you CAN NOT get 500 diamonds for adding “special” friends! I’ve had a lot of people posting these hoax messages on this blog, and would like to warn you up front.

The last messages on this blog all came from the same IP-address ( and they look like a conversation between three users:

Oh my goodness!!!! I’m so excited I can’t believe this ok you don’t even know what I’m talking about do you?
Well, you want the big news here!
My friend put in my code for the referal code and she and I got 500 diamonds!!!!! I’m telling you this so you can get free diamonds!!!
( mostly cause I want the diamonds lol)

No Claudia you get it if you put Sarah’s code in referal. Not just add her as your friend.

Hey guys you get 500 diamonds if you add her!! I’ll put her friend code in again-

The messages above are all scam messages, trying to get you to add the friend code in the last message. Don’t do it, as you won’t get the 500 diamonds as promised.

Add referrals the regular way -that will give you 5 diamonds per referral – don’t believe the 500 diamonds scam 😉

It’s September…

Hello all!

A nice tweet from @SingingMonsters:

It’s September, #MySingingMonsters fans! You all know what that means…

We’re celebrating the anniversary of My Singing Monsters, so get ready for a lot of cool events!

Back in the game!

I’m finally able to play #MSM again! I’ve had massive problems playing on my #Samsung #Galaxy #S4, and I’ve tried playing using #Bluestacks on #Win8. I still can’t play on my #SGS4 and Bluestacks is slow like ****, but I just got a brand new #iPhone5s. This phone rocks when it comes to playing games!

Thank you all very much for visiting my islands during these “hard times”. I haven’t been able to light torches back, but I’m on the job now.

Also a great thank you to all my friends adding my code as refferal code – you really rock! Thank you!

Love to all – enjoy the weekend!