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Something is wrong…

The last few days have been quite weird on my monster islands. I’ve had a lot of gfx glitches as you can see:

Humbug ready, but messed up gfx
Red humbug monsters?!
Very happy diamond mine
What's up with my wubbox?
Bowgart breeding - with a twist
Congle with weird icon
Pango breeding with gfx error
Coins and diamonds icons messed up

How to fix these errors: Clean up your phone (delete old apps, cache, photos/music), restart, enjoy ūüėČ

How to breed the Kazilleon Monster


A new element, poison, was recently introduced in My Singing Monsters and along with that, 2 new monsters: the Humbug and the Kazilleon. The kazilleon is only available on Ethereal Island, and is quite hard to breed.

First you need to breed a humbug monster on Earth Island, feed it to level 15 and then teleport it to Ethereal Island. Once that’s done, make the humbug breedable by feeding it to level 4 (teleported monsters reset to level 1 once teleported).

Next, you need another ethereal monster, the grumpyre. The grumpyre is available on Cold Island and you need to feed and teleport it like you did with the humbug monster.

Once you’re done breeding, feeding and teleporting the humbug and grumpyre it’s time to breed the kazilleon. The only possible combination is:

Breeding the kazilleon requires quite a bit of luck, so don’t panic if you end up with a humbug or grumpyre after breeding – simply hit the retry button and cross your fingers. Remember to place torches for your friends to light to improve your chance of breeding the kazilleon.

Happy breeding!

How to breed the Humbug Monster


A new monster is now available on Earth Island: The Humbug.

The other 4 islands have had their own ethereal monsters (Ghazt, Grumpyre, Reebro and Jeeode) for ages, and now the time has come for Earth Island.

Breeding a humbug is done the same way as the other ethereal monsters. You have to mix a four and a three element monster to get it (and add a bit of luck). On Earth Island that means you have to try one of the following combinations:

  • smallQuarristersmallReedling¬†Quarrister and Reedling
  • ¬†smallQuarristersmallThumpies¬†Quarrister and Thumpies
  • smallQuarristersmallPompom¬†Quarrister and Pompom
  • smallQuarristersmallClamble¬†Quarrister and Clamble

You can improve your chances of breeding a humbug by placing torches on Earth Island (and hope your friends will drop by and light them).

If you’re rich, you can also buy a humbug for just 1,000 diamonds…