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Friend codes for Dawn of Fire

Hello fellow monster fans.

Finally, Dawn of Fire is available on iOS and Android worldwide!

Now we need friends 🙂 I’ve made a site dedicated to Dawn of Fire, and on that site, you’ll find a friend code page where you can post your own friend code and hook up with other DoF players around the World.

My list of friend codes for My Singing Monsters – Dawn of Fire can be found here:

Friend codes for My Singing Monsters – Dawn of Fire


Here’s a collection of cool island pictures from My Singing Monsters player 4181408MA. If you’re new to the game, add 4181408MA as referral code in My Singing Monsters and get 5 free diamonds.

If you want to be friends with 4181408MA, simply go to your friends screen in My Singing Monsters and add 4181408MA as friend code.

Don’t forget to visit and light torches! Enjoy the gallery 🙂

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Friend Codes


Looking for friends for My Singing Monsters? This is my list of My Singing Monsters friend codes. If you want to add your friend code, leave a comment below, and I’ll add it as soon as possible. If you post your My Singing Monsters friend code on twitter, remember to include the hashtag #MSMfriend. I’m also on Facebook as MSMfan.

Remember to pick up your 5 free diamonds

Join the MSM Fan Network! Register now and meet other MSM fans, get your own profile page (with your friend code).

Friend codes for My Singing Monsters:

  • 4658462EC
  • 6611032EE
  • 6091620IM
  • 4640486GC
  • 6801230JI
  • 5182911JD
  • 6790145HN
  • 6279533KL
  • 3560763KF
  • 6439258NA
  • 3278896JG
  • 3234825ED
  • 7292036MM
  • 4806642HE
  • 9065722HE
  • 9245594DR
  • 1344838IG
  • 8646976GI
  • 9549661FB
  • 9267489CH
  • 8912565NJ
  • 9318885JB
  • 9615034DI
  • 9794801DB
  • 9747617BN
  • 5112433DJ
  • 6232312II
  • 6443559EF
  • 10075877MH
  • 9815014IK
  • 10670841KD
  • 91422303LH
  • 9629634JA
  • 10232332HG
  • 10997538KK
  • 10967662AK
  • 10892807AB
  • 9056381DN
  • 6507645NJ
  • 6426813GL
  • 7203533ML
  • 11162861BF
  • 11033836MI
  • 10997538KK
  • 8079642EC
  • 10997538KK
  • 10648854KK
  • 11477040IE
  • 11146190GK
  • 10635101ML
  • 11185984LG
  • 10905701JB
  • 11047322KK
  • 7949658DM
  • 9784307DL
  • 10847547MJ
  • 9704739KB
  • 11214944BK

Thank you for NOT REPOSTING this list 🙂

Last edited on April 8, 2014