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New features in My Singing Monsters 1.2.6

My Singing Monsters is getting more social. The latest update is available for iPhone/iPad with other platforms coming soon. Here’s what’s new in the 1.2.6 update of My Singing Monsters:

Manage your social experience like never before with a brand new and revamped Friends menu! Using the valuable feedback we’ve received from our players, many new features have been implemented:

• Import your Facebook friends to update your My Singing Monsters avatar!

• Sort your Friends using new tabs – Favorites, Torch requests, Alphabetical order, and Level order.

• Mark your closest Friends as Favorites so that they appear in the Favorites tab!

• View which friends have requested Torch lighting using the Torch tab!

• Tap a Friend’s Display Name to see how many times they have lit your Wishing Torches and vice versa!

• Navigate easily between Friend pages using the arrow buttons, including moving to the beginning and end of the list!

• Other bug fixes and improvements

I think this is a cool update. I have a lot (1000+) friends in My Singing Monsters, and the favorite friends sounds like a VERY nice feature.

What new feature do you like the most? Please comment 😉