Q&A for @MSMfan

Hi fellow monster breeders!

I get a lot of questions regarding my game progress in My Singing Monsters. Here are some answers to your questions. If not, please comment on this post πŸ˜‰

How long have you been playing MSM?
– For more than 2 years. Massively!


I can see on your screenshots, that you have more than 30,000 diamonds. Did you cheat or spend a fortune?
– No, I didn’t buy any and I DO NOT CHEAT OR “HACK” MSM. I get diamonds via referrals. Hacking will get you banned from the game and will probably fill up your computer with virus and other nasty stuff. Don’t do it!

Where do you live?
– In Denmark

Do you work for Big Blue Bubble?
– No. Would love to though, but the commute from Denmark to Canada is – well – a bit too long.

Are Big Blue Bubble cool with you posting all this info?
– Yes, I hope so. MSM have a hardcore fan base, with people posting all kinds of cool stuff related to the game. Fans promoting your game in this way is awesome for game developers and publishers.

Do you know Diane D?
– Personally, no πŸ™

What device(s) do you play on?
– Currently on my Samsung Galaxy S5 and a my MSM dedicated Lenovo tablet (Lenovo A3500-F). Previous devices: iPhone 5s, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S2, Lenovo A7500 tablet, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Do you play MSM on your computer?
– Sometimes, but when I do, I use an Android emulator (Genymotion) to play. The desktop version of MSM by Big Fish Games is….. oh my….. horrible!

Can you please send me some diamonds?
– I’d love to, but that’s not possible in the game.


How did you get ALL the rare monsters?
– With diamonds. A LOT of diamonds πŸ˜‰


All your torches have blue flames. Why?
– I bought the “Always lit” torches when they were on sale. Expensive – I know – but they look cool πŸ˜‰

What’s the name of your tribe?
– It’s “United MSM Fans”


Can I join your tribe?
– Yes and no. I currently have 472 players in queue to join…

Can I buy your account?
– No, sorry πŸ˜‰

How do I breed a XXXXXXX monster?
– Check out my breeding guide.

Is it possible to automate eg. collecting coins?
– Not that I know of. Would be an awesome feature, like the one found in “Family Guy: The quest for stuff”

Got more questions? Please comment, and I’ll answer on this page. Thanks for reading!


19 thoughts on “Q&A for @MSMfan”

  1. Hi, I never get diamonds from referrals. I have been playing for about a year, am level 51. My coffee is out there and I have a lot of new friends every day. But I don’t get any new diamonds. How can I change that?

    1. You need to ask people to add you as a referral to get your 5 diamonds. This can be very, very hard, as each player only get one chance to add a referral.
      What’s your friend code? I’ll try to get people to use your code for a few weeks if you send it to me.

      Monster love from @MSMfan πŸ˜‰

      1. Hi, thanks for your reply. I have my friend code with my name and I have ALOT of friends, new ppl add me every day but I don’t get any diamonds when they do. But I guess it has to be brand new players?

        1. People only get one chance to enter a referral code. Once it’s done you can’t enter another player as referral. Friends however can be added forever (but the counter stops at 10,000 friends).


    1. Breeding and hatching time is shortened by 25% – but quite expensive at 25 diamonds each (25+25 Γ— 7 islands = 350 diamonds total).
      Buying the extra structures will cost you 40 + 60 diamonds plus 25 for upgrading eacg = 150 per island – 1050 total.

      If you want both upgraded structures on all islands, the total is 1400 diamonds!

      That’s a whole lot of diamonds πŸ˜‰

  2. Regarding Tribal Island: It’s not fair that myself and a few other players work hard to reach achievements and the other players who do nothing reap the rewards. It would be great if players who choose to not help could be booted off the island, or they should not be able to receive hard earned rewards. This would be fair.

  3. I have been trying to breed a Punkleton, but am not successful. My game level is 14. I am breeding with T-Rox & Bowgart (both having levels 11). My torch is lit too. What am I doing wrong. I don’t want the special to go away without me hatching one. Thanks for help.

    1. Hi.. I have 6 wubbox on gold island. You have to feed them to level 15. Then you have to transport them to gold island. Once u get them there, u have to feed them monsters from gold island all over again to power them up. It’s a pain.