Friend app under construction

Hi all!

We all need friends, and we need good friends. I’m cooking up an Android app for you to easily find new friends for MSM. What features would you like to see in this app?

Torch lighters?

Island likers?

Passive friends?

Local friends?

Up/down voting?

Referral friends?

Got any suggestions, please let me know via the comment field below. We all love MSM, so let’s join up and help each other 🙂


7 thoughts on “Friend app under construction”

  1. How about friends for tribal island who will take feeding their monster seriously? Over half my tribal members are not feeding but collect their diamonds just the same as those of us who do. Short of removing them, it would be better if they just agreed to feed before joining.

    1. Hi, just saw this message and I agree with yo. I belong to a tribe and most of the players only feed their monster to level one or two which of course gives us less reward. Sometimes I get less rewards than what I spend feeding. so frustrating.

  2. Being able to communicate with our friends. Many times I’ve wanted to message someone on my friends list and say thanks for the help! Or please light a specific islands torches. But for whatever we need to share messaging would be awesome!
    Thanks for the awesome game

    1. Hi Beth,

      I’m not in any way associated with the makers of MSM (Big Blue Bubble in Canada) – I’m just a monster fan like you, but I also try to make the game more enjoyable for all of us. I can’t access any user info and link user A with user B, but your idea is great. I’ll keep exploring what I can and can’t do. Thank you for your input!