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Anniversary Month: Special Seasonal Offer

It’s September, which means anniversary month in My Singing Monsters. This weekend, the special offer is the re-release of ALL seasonal monsters; Punkleton, Yool, Hoola, Schmoochle and Blabbit

In short this means, that you can buy or breed any of the previously released seasonal monsters on their “natural” islands.

The monsters re-released now are as follows:

Plant Island:

Punkleton (225 diamonds)

Cold Island:

Yool (225 diamonds)

Air Island:

Hoola (225 diamonds)

Schmoochle (225 diamonds)

Water Island:

Blabbit (225 diamonds)

Earth Island:

Hoola (225 diamonds)

Gold Island:
You can’t breed or buy seasonal monsters on Gold Island. However, if you level your monsters up to level 15, they can be placed on Gold Island.

Ethereal Island:
You can’t breed or buy seasonal monsters on Ethereal Island.

Shugabush Island:
You can’t breed or buy seasonal monsters on Shugabush Island.

Tribal Island:
You can’t breed or buy seasonal monsters on Tribal Island.

Schmoochle back for Valentine’s Day 2015

Yet again, the schmoochle monster is available in My Singing Monsters. The schmoochle monster is a a seasonal monster only available for breeding during a limited time.

The 2015 teaser for the schmoochle was posted on twitter on January 27 2015 and looked like this:

On January 28, the return of the schmoochle monster was made official on twitter:

If you want to breed the schmoochle monster, head over to Air Island and try mixing your riff and tweedle monsters. It might take a few tries, but this is the right breeding combo, so keep on trying if you don’t get right away.

During schmoochle breeding, Air Island has been redecorated as “Valentine’s Island” with a lot of hearts and balloons all over the place. It looks really nice!

Finally, enjoy a few screenshots af my schmoochle monsters on Air Island:
2015-01-29 11.16.54

2015-01-29 11.16.22

Happy breeding!

As always, post your comments below and enjoy playing My Singing Monsters!

Welcome back Yool monster!


This is how the yool egg looks like

It’s December, and yet again, the Yool seasonal monster is available to breed or buy. The breeding combination is the same as last year; deedge and thumpies – and only on Cold Island. The Yool is available until January 5, 2015, so you have plenty of time to get it. Have fun breeding!

Buying the Yool from the market is ‘just’ 150 diamonds.

Did you know…
The name of the monster, Yool, is how you pronounce ‘Christmas‘ in Danish, Norwegian and Swedish (We spell it ‘Jul‘)

The hoola monster is back for the summer (2014)

As you probably know, the hoola monster is back in My Singing Monsters.

The hoola is a seasonal special monster, which is only available for breeding for a short period of time. This season, the hoola is availabe to breed and buy  until August 13th at noon EDT.


The hoola can be bred on two islands; Air Island and Earth Island. To breed the hoola, you need to mix a Pango with a Pompom, and add a bit of luck (and torches) 😉


If you want to buy the hoola, it will set you back 150 diamonds per monster (no incubation is needed if you buy it).

Have fun playing My Singing Monster – I do 😉