Here’s a collection of cool island pictures from My Singing Monsters player 4181408MA. If you’re new to the game, add 4181408MA as referral code in My Singing Monsters and get 5 free diamonds.

If you want to be friends with 4181408MA, simply go to your friends screen in My Singing Monsters and add 4181408MA as friend code.

Don’t forget to visit and light torches! Enjoy the gallery 🙂

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4 thoughts on “4181408MA”

  1. See FEROCIOUS FELINE!!! 30806293ih. VOTE FOR THE NEW INSANELY GOOD UP AND COMING CHAMPION OF DESIGNER ISLANDS! I also light/like every night at the end of my session. NEW HALLOWEEN-SHUGA ISLAND! 30806293ih. Luvu fans!!!

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